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New Kicks For My Car

What were you doing in March of 2007?


I was buying a new car and watching and ungodly amount of Law and Order with my then "new" husband.

Like...12 hour marathons of Law and Order!

Hence, the name of my sporty Mazda 3...D'Onofrio, after one of the lead actors in the show.

He's been a good car, solid when you most need him to be.

In that first year I easily put over 30k miles on that bad boy working in DC and living in Baltimore.

Besides headlights, so many headlights ... the next thing I have had to replace on my car more than I'd like to think about has been tires. Some from the regular wear and tear of my schedule for work and as a mother taking my kiddo to see all sorts of awesome and some from things like pesky nails and broken valve stems and the like.

Either way I have gone through more of my fair share of tires, especially in the last three years.

So when the good people of Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tires asked if I would take theirs for a spin, how could I say no?!

I love that these tires received the 2013 Women's Choice Award for "America's Best" Premium Tire, come with a 50,000-mile tread life limited warranty, a rim protector feature to protect the wheels against accidental curb damage and so much more.

My husband who freelances as an automotive journalist is just as eager to give these tires a thorough testing and we can't wait to report back.

While we are waiting for tires to arrive, you can win $100 gift card using the Rafflecopter widget below.

Good luck!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Goodyear has provided me a set of tires to facilitate this review. All opinions are my zoomtastically my own!


Feel Good Look Great Photo Challenge

Everyone loves a good challenge, right?

Especially a good Instagram one! Except if you are like me, you often forget about it until 11:50pm and then you have no access to whatever you need to photograph for that day.

THIS is the reason I really love this Aventura Clothing photo challenge this month, you don't have a specific prompt for each day--you have a selection of prompts for the whole week (below) and you can choose what to shoot.

So, here's how YOU can WIN a FREE accessorry and a 60% coupon code EACH WEEK. Just enter a photo on Instagram with any of the prompts for the week and tag it with @AlissaEnders, @AventuraClothing and #FeelGoodLookGreat. That's it! Each week I'll select one winner from all of those entered.

Disclosure: I am a 2014 Aventura Clothing Amabassador and as such have been provided clothing so that I can wax poetic about how much I love it. All opinions are totally my own. For this particular giveway it's just all about YOU!

Photo Credits: (L to R - all sporting the Tacey Fedora from Aventura) @AlissaEnders, @thedudemom, @AlissaEnders, @makobiscribe, @AlissaEnders, @thedudemom, @AlissaEnders, @sellabitmum, @aventuraclothing


Snackeez for the Road

"Mom, I've got to have that!"

That followed by an entire recitiation of their commercial was what I heard for months after my little guy saw an advertisement for Snackeez.

He was smitten for sure with the straw cup (like so many that I own) and the snack compartment.

It might have even crossed his mind that with all these lids and seals that his father might even let him take this in HIS car.

(He can dream, right?)

I wasn't sold that it could be that totally awesome until I held it in my hands and it IS pretty great. The seals and lockinging mechanisms on this cup are top notch and leave me feeling pretty rest assured that I am not going to have a backseat full of crackers or apples or worse yet sopping wet beverage.

Check out your own and watch me test it out right here.

{video here}

Disclosure: Snackeez provided me a product sample to facilitate the review. All opinions are my own.



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