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Let Your Hair Get Naked! {GIVEAWAY}

*This is a sponsored post.*

These days I'm not brand loyal to too many products, but I have used Herbal Essences shampoo since I can remember. I'm not sure if it was in high school or college that I started using them, but I haven't bothered to look elsewhere since.

In addition to shampoo I am also incredibly loyal to our FREE from additives laundry detergent.

So, it only makes sense that I give my hair the FREE treatment too with Herbal Essences NEW Naked Collection Volume Kit which includes Naked Volume Shampoo (weightless clean), Conditioner (hair detangled, nourished and full of volume), Volumizing Souffle Styler (weightless, volumizing styler)and Dry Shampoo (refresh your look for lightweight, clean hair) which contains 0% heavy residues, dyes and parabens. 

Check out how easy it was to order in this handy dandy video.

{Click here to view on YouTube.}

Now ENTER TO WIN a $50 Walmart gift card so you can try these awesome products out for yourself.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Check out my opinions on the products in early January once I have had a chance to test them out.

Disclosure: The Walmart gift card and information have been provided by Herbal Essences. All opinions are mine.


Frozen: A Must See {Review}

We are avid movie buffs and fell in love with this trailer for FROZEN months and months ago.

(Go watch, I'll wait!)

{Click here to watch on YouTube.}

Based on that I will admit that we were a little to surprised that it was in fact a "princess movie" and not the loveable story of a moose and a snowman (although those loveable guys do have some great scenes). Once we took a moment to digest that (and it only took a moment), this movie is FABULOUS! It is Disney's retelling of the classic tale of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen.

The Snow Queen was the very first play I ever saw. My mom took me to a local theatre and I can recount so many details from that very first exposure to the beauty of dramatic storytelling. It is something that I will always take with me from my childhood.

After taking in Frozen with my family I hope that this movie holds the same sweet place in my son's heart. Disney has really outdone themselves with the animation in this film. The variety of ways that they depict snow is truly spellbinding. The story, the characters, the singing and the animation are the best I have seen in a movie theater yet. And, while the approach to the singing in this film had me asking myself how long until this will be a Broadway musical. It was absolutely wonderful. I especially liked how the character of Anna's singing changed so gracefully as she aged in a single scene.

Treat yourself and your family this holiday season to this truly magical and mystical retelling of The Snow Queen. Go all out, get popcorn and treats and make this a family holiday experience. And, then relive the magic year after year. This is yet another Disney movie I know we'll have to own and watch forever.

Disclosure: I was provided movie tickets to facilitate this review. All opinions and snow covered magic memories are all my own.


The Eternal Hobbyist

More than almost anything else in life I love a good hobby.

Marathoning, tap dancing, trapezing, blogging, vlogging...I. LOVE. A. HOBBY.

The problem is that as obsessed with a hobby as I can get, I can also be incredibly fickle.

In fact, I've been thinking about that "fickle" nature for a few months now. You might not have noticed any real difference between my blogging over the course of the last few months and the last year, but to me there has been a huge difference. Until a month or two ago, I felt bad about not blogging/vlogging all. day. long. every. single. day. It was always on my mind. And, I was always feeling bad about it.

Then, one sleepless night as I was tormenting myself I just gave myself permission to STOP. To just stop blogging and for the first few days I thought about how I would make some sort of broad wide sweeping declaration on my blog to say that it was time to stop (for now).

But, here's what I also know...I have had some sort of blog on and off since 2001. And, I have quit blogging and deleted blogs a handful of times over the course of that time and I always come back. So, I just gave myself permission to take a break and to reflect on what if anything I wanted out of this blog...this space.

And, here's what I learned about my blog and myself in the process. My blog isn't a niche and it's not even a niche-perspective like funny or artsy. More often than not it's all over the place and when I try to contain it in any way it suffocates my desire to write. As it turns out my blog is a lot like me free-spirited, fickle, boring and excited, loud and quiet even a bit of a hot mess from time to time. Some people can be one thing online (niche focused) and another in life, it would seem that I am not one of those people. I have also come to terms with this blog just being a hobby and a way of personal expression/enjoyment and not a means to a financial end.

So, I hope you'll stay or come back as it were. I'll try to stop being something I'm not and maybe we'll find something in common along the way.


Linking up with MamaKat's writing workshop this week. Go check out some of the great writing there on Thursday.



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