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February In A Nutshell

How is it possible that we are knee deep into March and I am just posting some of my February awesomeness??

Here is my February #365FeministSelfie compilation.

It's a great project and it's never too late to start.

{video here}

And, here's January's if you missed it.

We've also been having fun capturing one second everyday with the app of the same name.

Here's February...

{video here}

...and January if you missed it.


Childhood Tag with Chrystina Noel



What are your fondest memories of childhood?

The things you look back on with the most affection?

I loved the park near our house and having a best friend who lived right across the street.

Check out all the fun moments I had reminiscing with Chrystina Noel in our YouTube collaboration. The first part is on her channel here and the second part is below.

I love that we grew up in different decades, so our answers are not all the same.

Tell us some of your favorite parts of your childhood.

{video here}

Follow Chrystina because she's awesome on her blog, Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter.

If you'd like to do a collaboration together, leave me a comment below.


Time To Get Lucky



What if you could give the world luck?

Can you recall the last time you felt lucky and how it changed your whole outlook for the day?

What if you took the time to intentionally make others feel "lucky"?

What if we all took the time to practice intentional goodness for those we love instead of only random acts of kindness for strangers?

It feels good to be thought of.

It feels good to intentionally be good to those we care for.

I'm not catholic so lent is not something I feel bound to participate in, but it's something I have chosen to partake in since my late teenage years. And for many years it was about withholding... I gave up fast food, Diet Coke, and a good many other things.

This year I want to practice bringing good to the world for 40 days straight.

I want to give to those who are part of my village and perhaps change their "luck" on any given day.

If you want to join in, I'll be instagramming the luck everyday under the #IntentionalGoodness hashtag. Come play along.

Maybe we can all change the world one act at a time.



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