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6 Things I Said I'd Never

"List 6 things you do as a parent that you swore you would never do. "

via @Mama's Losin It Writer's Workshop


From time to time we all have ideas about things that we have absolutely no business having "ideas" about. I had a lot of "ideas/opinions" about marriage and what it should look/be like before I was anywhere near being married and I also had a lot of ideas about what parents should and should not do with regard to their children. And, what that meant about those parents that did or did not do those things.

Now, it's time to come clean with my NEVERs.

I said I would NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER be a stay-at-home mom.


Now while I did work evenings and weekends before Liam began kindergarten. For the purposes of most folks you are defined as a stay-at-home parent if you are home between 9am-5pm and so it was. I can clearly remember the evening I brought up the idea to my husband (he thought it was some sinister trick).

Before I had a child, before I was a mom, I was ADAMANT about not being a stay-at-home mom. I thought it was for women who were less than. But, there's no less than in parenting, there is only different. There is only what works for you and your family and it shouldn't matter to anyone else.

I would NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER bribe my children.


Lofty goal I suppose and not something I do every day. But, I say there is a time and a place for a well placed bribe. It is not often that my son has to come to the doctor with me. But just last week I broke my hand, all the orthopedic surgeons I needed to see closed repeatedly for snow, and then there was finally a last minute opening. I am a sign language interpreter this was an ESSENTIAL appointment, his school was closed, so he needed to come with me. I told him if he was quiet (he likes to ask looooooots of questions) and sat still he could have a little something. He chose $1 Star Wars pen at Target. It did not break the bank and I was able to be fully attentive at my appointment. WIN=WIN, I Say.

I would NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER make my child a different meal than we were having.


Except that sometimes Mama just needs to SIT DOWN for a meal. And, sometimes we all want something different. We chose to stay home with our son working opposite shifts for the first 5 years so there was never really a family meal routine. Now that we have more of a routine schedule and are all home at the same time, we are working on it. But, even then sometimes Mama just wants to SIT DOWN and ENJOY a meal instead of fight over what is being served.

I would NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER let our child sleep in our room.


And, we did NOT EVER for the first three and a half years...EVER. (To be honest I wish we had on occasion.) But, now he does every Friday. We have pizza, we watch America's Funniest Home Videos and then he snuggles with us. Most days he creeps in around 5 or so when Tim's alarm goes off and he always does on vacation. I'm not worried. He'll not be snuggling with us much longer. Our "cool" days are numbered.

I would NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER allow my living room to become a playroom.


Except well, we live in a townhouse and there is only so much room. It all started out with a few toys that then became a shelf with bins, the removal of the coffee table and a giant play house that Santa brought in the winter, so we set it up inside....and down the slippery slope we rolled.

I would NEVER and I mean NEVER EVER not love playing on the floor with my kid.


As it turns out this is really not my thing...at all. My husband, mom and mother-in-law are all FANTASTIC at this!!! They can play blocks and imaginary Star Wars games all day long. Thank goodness! But, I'll make you a deal. You play on the floor and I'll take all the kids to Chuck E. Cheese or into the city to a festival or parade or super overcrowded museum, because that stuff all makes my heart sing. It takes a village. It takes a family. Let's just all do what we do best, m'kay?!

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